About the author

Sabri Silevani was born on Jully 1st, 1972 in Zakho, Kurdistan of Iraq. He received his education in Duhok and graduated from the Teacher Training Institute in 1992. Due to the hardships of his time he left Iraq and settled in The Netherlands. He stayed there for 13 years during which he was engaged in reading. He started writing in 1987 and published his first work actually in 1992 in a local newspaper in Duhok. Since 1998 Silevani has been involved in the novel writing and has published some other works as essays, poetry, and criticism. Currently Sabri Silevani is studying international  relations in the college of law and politics at the university Nawroz in Duhok.

His published books include

Tigris, while She leaves her fish thirsty , Novel, 2004

20 Years and A Night. Novel, 2005

Mariama - A Woman from Another Time. Novel, 2007

10 Dreams. Poetry, 2007

Autumn Of Words. Critical Readings, 2008

Silivi's Book. Novel,2009

Mariama - A woman from Another Time. Novel, English edition 2009

From The Beginning To The  Beginning. Critical Readings, 2010



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Sabri Silevani
Iraq- Kurdistan - Duhok
Facebook: Sabri Silevani